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Almost Family, Inc Acquires Home Care by Black Stone

Almost Family and Black Stone join forces in Ohio to create one of the largest home care agencies in the State.

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How to Exercise Outside with Spring Allergies

Before taking a jog in the beautiful spring sunshine, make sure you take steps to protect yourself from seasonal allergies. Don’t use allergy symptoms as an excuse to miss out on spring weather.

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Cincinnati firm buys upstate health care provider

Cincinnati-based Home Care by Black Stone has acquired Nursing Resources Corp. of Lucas County, which provides skilled nursing and therapy as well as home-care aides to low-income residents of Northwest Ohio.

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How to Find the Right Flu Vaccine

For the first time in decades, Americans will have a wide range of vaccine options this flu season. Since the 1940s, health-conscious citizens have pretty much had only one way of getting immunized: a shot containing three strains of the influenza virus. In recent years, a nasal spray and higher-dose vaccines were added.

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How to Protect Your Elderly Parents from Being Scammed

From a young age, your parents taught you to be aware of stranger-danger. If you have elderly parents, you may have noticed the irony. Now you’re telling your parents to be wary of people out to do them harm.

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