Our passion for keeping the elderly in their own homes and providing fulfilling work to our employees provides us a limitless opportunity to positively impact the lives of others.

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Partnering for a Meaningful Life

Read about some of our client and employee experiences below.

Saundra, Wife of Client

“My husband is bed-ridden. At first I would clean him up before the HHA’s would come in for services. Then I realized that was what they were for, that was their job.”

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Shelli H.

“I came to work at Black Stone nearly eight years ago. I was employed at a large Physician group where I managed a MD practice and was unhappy with my role in that company.”

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Testimonial from Daughter of Client

“We initially used Black Stone when my parents were still at home, based on a recommendation from their neighbor. That service continued for about 2 years before we needed to move them to a more full-time facility.”

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Testimonial from Client

“My sister (who is now deceased) and I have used MJ Nursing for over 20 years. They have provided quality care for both of us when we were in need.”

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Black Stone Intervention

“During a routine clinic held at a partner building, I saw a resident who was looking for some of his friends. I encouraged him to have his vitals checked. He stated he was afraid I would find something.”

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Tena C.

“I have been working in this type of business for 16 years and I have been with Black Stone for 3 years.”

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