How to Exercise Outside with Spring Allergies

Before taking a jog in the beautiful spring sunshine, make sure you take steps to protect yourself from seasonal allergies. Don’t use allergy symptoms as an excuse to miss out on spring weather.

No doubt many of us are shooing off the last remnants of winter and rejoicing that it's finally spring. Welcome, T-shirts and jogs outside, where it's lukewarm, flowery and full of people who are equally jazzed to be walking without shivering. But then - behold, a familiar enemy -  spring allergies. Now you have a new reason not to exercise, because the allergies make you feel exhausted, and some of the symptoms, like stuffy nose and irritated eyes, can be debilitating enough to make you not want to move. 

Below, the author shares advice on how to avoid the worst of spring allergies: 


- Know your enemy.

- Cover your hair.

- Shield your eyes.

- Get clean.

- Discuss your medicines.

- Go back to basics. 


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