How to Find the Right Flu Vaccine

For the first time in decades, Americans will have a wide range of vaccine options this flu season. Since the 1940s, health-conscious citizens have pretty much had only one way of getting immunized: a shot containing three strains of the influenza virus. In recent years, a nasal spray and higher-dose vaccines were added.

But this flu season, there are many ways to get immunized against influenza, so there's a vaccine for practically everyone. "There has been some drumroll that vaccines aren't performing quite as well as we want, so we better get in there to improve coverage," says Dr. Greg Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which distributes the vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies, says it's not likely that every doctor, hospital or retail health care center will carry all seven varieties, but with a little research, you can probably find out where your vaccine of choice is given.
The vaccines available this year are:
    • Standard three-strain shot
    • Four-strain shot
    • Nasal Spray
    • Egg-free vaccine
    • High-dose vaccines
    • Needle-free
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