Home Healthcare by Black Stone

Home Healthcare by Black Stone is Medicare certified to provide in-home care services. This involved skilled medical care, nursing and therapy services covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurances.

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Skilled In-Home Care

Medicare reimbursed services are considered "skilled", meaning there is an acute medical need for a nurse to tend to the patient, and the patient's condition must be curable or made stable. Medicare reimbursed services are duration-specific and not meant for long-term care in the home. Home Healthcare by Black Stone in-home care services are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, United Health Care, and most insurances. Medicare services must be physician ordered and meet requirements for reimbursement. If you are you a physician, a rehab facility or an Assisted Living Facility and need home health services for a patient, then Home Healthcare by Black Stone may be just what you need. We assist physicians with:
  • How to make appropriate referrals for home health
  • Helping to find hidden revenue streams in your practice
  • Care plan oversight and consistent data keeping

Smooth Transitions Program

For nursing homes we offer our Smooth Transitions Program to help staff transition patients home safely. Smooth Transitions promotes resident wellness and quick recuperation while saving the nursing home precious time. We understand the time demands and scheduling challenges you may face. Our Smooth Transitions program was designed specifically to help nursing homes seamlessly move a resident back home and arrange the level of home care needed to ensure quick recuperation. The benefits of using Home Healthcare by Black Stone:
  • Our nurses and social workers may be able to identify issues that must be resolved prior to discharge and assist in their resolution.
  • We will order the appropriate equipment (walkers, beds, wheelchairs, etc.) from the resident's supplier of choice, saving time for you and providing continuity for the resident.
  • We will obtain all necessary clinical information.
  • We identify and initiate additional community support options.
  • We explain our services in detail to residents and family members. Personal choice should always come first and we are committed to honoring that choice.
  • Residents and family members know how to contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means fewer phone calls to your facility.

Care Plan Oversight Assistance with Appropriate Referrals

For physicians we offer various programs designed to assist with your practice and help with proper referrals.

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