House Calls by Black Stone

Black Stone Nurse Practitioners are healthcare providers who are specially trained to prevent and manage the unique, and oftentimes multiple, health concerns of older adults.

House Calls

Primary Care

Older persons may react to illness and disease differently than younger adults. Nurse Practitioners are able to treat older patients, manage multiple disease symptoms, and develop a care plan that will address the special health care needs of adults. House Calls Medical Services are provided in your home, assisted living or independent apartment and include:

Emphasis on Geriatric Care

Trained to recognize and address the unique needs of our older adults.

Care Coordination

Focus on a partnership between patient, family and home care for optimal health outcomes.

Preventative Care & Chronic Disease Management

Helps to keep patients safe and comfortable at home.
You are eligible for House Calls if you meet any of the following:
  • You are too sick or have difficulty leaving your home for doctor appointments
  • You have difficulty using private or public transportation because of your health or limited mobility
  • You are homebound and unable to leave your home

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