Shelli H.

“I came to work at Black Stone nearly eight years ago. I was employed at a large Physician group where I managed a MD practice and was unhappy with my role in that company.”

"I stumbled on the newspaper add Black Stone had placed for a Nursing Supervisor and decided to apply. Although I had never worked in the homecare field, I had many friends with homecare experience that had tried to sway me in that direction." "Once employed at Black Stone it didn’t take me long to fall completely in love with this company. Every single person from the President down are welcoming, friendly and supportive. Black Stone puts the clients/patients at the forefront and they are their top priority. Each person working at Black Stone realizes that the overall wellbeing of the client must remain our goal." "At Black Stone you are respected as a medical professional and valued as an employee. The Administration staff welcomes new ideas, embraces change with a positive and caring attitude and provides mentors to ensure the transition into new roles happens smoothly. Black Stone is loyal to their employees and they are always willing to work towards making this company a great place to work and a happy place to be. I have found “my home” in homecare and my heart will always be with Black Stone."


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