Testimonial from Daughter of Client

“We initially used Black Stone when my parents were still at home, based on a recommendation from their neighbor. That service continued for about 2 years before we needed to move them to a more full-time facility.”

"The nurse supervisor from Black Stone, Donna, had stayed in contact with me and my family while my parents were at the facility, just to check on how they were doing and their transition. Shortly after moving to the facility, my mother, who has dementia, began wandering while my father was at dinner. The facility was requiring me to come up with a solution within two days, or else they would have to move her to a locked area for her safety. It was very difficult for me to coordinate, being out of town." "I was provided with the names of three care providers who could come to the facility, but none of them could help. After I was turned down by multiple other companies, I called Black Stone. When I talked to Karen, she was very patient and listened to my needs, telling me that she would look into it right away. She made me feel like she was really going to be able to do something about it and cared about our situation. There was no wavering or uncertainty – I hung up the phone confident that they would follow-up and do their best to help us." "Black Stone was able to come through for us within the time constraints. They took care of all of the necessary paperwork, coordinated everything, and got the services started immediately. The transition was smooth and seamless for my parents. I knew Black Stone would be dependable and professional based on the past experience. We can count on Black Stone – when they say they are going to do something, they do it. I don’t have to follow-up with them or worry of the results. This is a valuable service and comfort to us, being hundreds of miles away. I only come to Ohio about once a month, so I often don’t have a lot of time to get things done. Black Stone has always been able to deliver what my parents and my family need. I can trust them to do what they say and know that it will happen on time. If there are issues that arise, all I have to do is make one phone call and it is resolved right away." "In the interim, I know they are only a phone call away when I need something. Donna and Karen are my eyes and ears on the ground for my parents, keeping me informed of changes or problems. Their communication and responsiveness has made it easy to help my parents from afar."


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